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Faraday Scientific Ltd is a company founded, owned and managed by a team of professional, PhD-level, scientists each with backgrounds in experimental physical science.

The company’s initial focus was on producing instrumentation software and instrumentation for applications related to the team’s combined experiences in research-level chemical physics (see Initial Application Areas). These various applications included: absorption and emission spectroscopies; linear and non-linear Raman scattering; optical / laser diagnostic techniques; scanning probe microscopies (SPM); light source science and technology; and various spectroscopy simulation tools and computer models.

Following an investment of more than 70 developer years in both the company's products and work with a client base of over 50 companies, the scope of Faraday Scientific’s activities has grown considerably and includes now diverse applications across the physical, chemical, forensic, materials and biological sciences, and industrial technologies. The company has seen significant growth of interest in control systems and industrial process monitoring; in software-hardware system integration; and in wireless and mobile applications.

The wide range of the work undertaken has led naturally to the company developing its range of skills and experience in instrument-related software engineering. See the Capabilities section for further details.

Faraday Scientific’s business model has developed during this period also. The company’s initial focus on instrument-related software development, maintenance and support has evolved to include now both the development of new instruments either in-house or in collaboration with industry and/or university partners, and early-stage investments in new instrument technologies, particularly, new sensor technologies.
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