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Company Profile (3/3)

Many clients appreciate Faraday Scientific’s ability to recommend software development strategies based on a review of their existing software and future plans and to assist them in the management of the outsourcing process should it be required. The quality of Faraday Scientific’s advice and technical knowledge, its responsiveness and reliability, its good communications, its project management skills, and its generally professional approach to client relationships has resulted in the company being appointed primary, or preferred, software suppliers to a number of its clients.

The company is increasingly involved in the development of remote, portable and laboratory instruments either as own products or as shared-developments. Such work builds on the company’s core software skills, the management team’s experience in advanced metrology of various kinds, and hardware design and manufacturing skills and knowledge that have developed in-house or are present in partner companies with whom Faraday Scientific have long established, close working relationships.

Faraday Scientific’s current areas of competence are described more fully in Capabilities where use is made of a generic representation of an instrument and its constituent elements to illustrate the scope and depth of these competences. The company’s growing list of application areas in which it has direct experience is given in Technology Areas; its range of services to clients and partners are discussed more fully in Services; and the company’s existing range of own-products is described in Products.
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