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Initial Application Areas

The specialist experimental skills and experience of the company's founding management team include the following areas:
  • Steady-state and time-resolved, gas and condensed phase absorption, emission (fluorescence and phosphorescence) and scattering (linear and non-linear Raman) spectroscopies
  • Atomic and molecular laser spectroscopies (LIBS, photodeflection, OGS, LIF, CARS, etc.)
  • Raman microscopy and nanoscale tip-enhanced Raman
  • Nanoscale scanning probe microscopies (AFM, STM, NSOM, etc.)
  • UHV analysis techniques (mass spectroscopy, Auger, X-ray diffraction; etc.)
  • Diode-array and CCD imaging
  • Optics and optical design
  • Software-hardware interfacing
These experimental competencies were complemented with a range of computer simulation and modelling tools based on both in-house software packages (for CARS spectral simulation; transient spectroscopy; Gibbs energy; thermal reactors; low pressure plasma, etc.) and commercial software packages (CFD; CAD; electrical; electronic; thermal; etc.), and were supported by in-house developed instrument control, system integration, data capture, data processing and data presentation software
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