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Capabilities: Sensor (5/9)

Physical and chemical sensors with which Faraday Scientific has had direct experience in their work to date:
Acoustic: Nanoscale: Electrical/Magnetic: Optical/Photo-optical:
Microphone Current distance Current sensor CCD
Displacement AFM tip Magnetometer CID
Wireless: Force distance Resistance sensor CMOS image sensor
Card reader Modulated-distance STM Voltage sensor Infrared sensor
Piezo-drives Interferometer
Pressure: Phase shift AFM tip Mechanical: Linear diode array
Capacitive gauge Accelerometer Machine vision camera
Penning gauge Chemical: Position-sensor Microscope camera
Pirani gauge Hydrogen sensor Photodiode
Mass flow sensor Temperature: Photomultiplier tube
X-Ray: pH glass sensor Infrared pyrometer Photoresisitor
CdTe Detector RGA PRT Quadrant detector
Oxygen sensor Ratio pyrometer
Carbon dioxide sensor Thermistor
Nitrogen sensor Thermocouple

Important sensor performance characteristics: Accuracy; calibration; cost; environmental; dynamic range; repeatability; and resolution. 
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