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However, not every customer wishes to commission the writing of a complete software package. This will often be the situation, for example, where the customer has an in-house software team or wishes to add features to an existing package rather than totally replace it.

In this case, the option of acquiring software components to augment a core product that is already existing or in development is an attractive one. Such an approach has many advantages:
  • It retains more of the control and direction of a project in the hands of the customer.
  • The core (or client) program will typically contain the user interface. The customer thus defines the program’s look and feel and has the opportunity to make this distinctive or consistent with other products.
  • Because only some of the software is out sourced the customer can avoid disclosing proprietary information or coding details.
  • The customer can pay for external expertise in only those areas where it is required.
  • An existing product can be added to instead of requiring total rewriting.
Faraday Scientific is well versed in supplying software components as well writing complete solutions.
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